Constitution and rules


1. The Society will be known as ‘Tewkesbury Art Society’ hereinafter referred to as TAS.


2. The aims of TAS will be to foster and develop the art of painting and drawing, particularly in the Tewkesbury area, by teaching, exhibiting work, and providing opportunities for members and others to practise.


3. TAS aims to be inclusive, and membership of TAS will be open without prejudice to all who are interested in art, both male and female, of any age. However only those over 18 may become full members. Visitors may attend TAS meetings on payment of a fee set by the committee.


4. Membership of TAS will be by payment of an annual subscription, which may be waived for students, and others at the discretion of the committee. This subscription will be due on November 1st each year, and the rate will be set at the Annual General Meeting.


5. TAS will be governed by an Annual General Meeting held each year, with the date notified to all members at least two weeks in advance.  At that meeting, committee members shall be elected from among the membership, the annual accounts and other reports approved, and any other business transacted.


6. Other General Meetings may be convened from time to time by the committee or by 25% of the membership to consider urgent business, provided at least two weeks notice is given to all members.


7. Between General Meetings, TAS will be governed by the elected committee members, who will from time to time elect officers, including Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and any others thought necessary to ensure the smooth running of the society. They may also co-opt others to join the committee.


8. TAS is a non-profit making body. All monies will be held in properly managed bank accounts, with the exception of small amounts of petty cash. A financial report will be a standing item on the agenda of each committee meeting.


9. In the event of the closure of TAS, the committee will decide how to distribute any funds remaining, bearing in mind the aims of TAS.


10. TAS will be members of ‘The Society for All Artists’ and any other bodies whose aims are compatible with ours, at the discretion of the committee.


11. All members of TAS will treat other members with respect.


12. Details of individual members may be held on a database, which will be confidential to members of TAS.


13. TAS has a small number of Associate Members (formerly called Honorary Members) who were appointed in the past; these Associate Members receive the Newsletter and other communications, but are not entitled to exhibit, or to attend meetings other than as visitors.


14. Changes in this Constitution and rules may only be made at General Meetings, and passed by a two thirds majority of those present.


Adopted nem. con. 13.10.09 at the Annual General Meeting of TAS

Amendment to rule no. 4  At the AGM held 14.10.14. A proposal was seconded and carried unanimously that new members joining after November but before April would pay a full year's subscription. Those joining after April would pay half the amount.     

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