How to copy text and photo's from the web site into a word processer

Text copying

First open 'WORD' on a seperate window (or any other word processer)

Go into the web page and click the curser at the start of the text you want to copy, drag the curser to the end of text you want and then do a right click with the mouse and select 'COPY'

Go to word processer window and click on page where you want the text to start, then right click the mouse and select 'PASTE'

If the text has a black background, select the text you want and goto the word processer toolbar and select 'CLEAR FORMATTING'
This should clear the black background

Photo copying

The same process as for text to copy photo onto the word processer page.

If the photo is copied with a black background, select the photo, then do a copy and paste to another area, this should remove the black background, you can then delete the original black backgrounded photo.

If you keep trying you will end up with what you want. Best of luck.

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