Minutes of AGM held Tuesday 2nd October,

Present:  The meeting was attended by 27 members. 

Apologies:  Hilary Davies, Anita Venton, Steve Tandy,
Sarah Arnold, Pat White, Sandra Farquar.

At the outset of the meeting John
invited Mary Davies to become an honorary member and Betty spoke of Mary’s
contribution and support of the society over many years.  Mary was happy to accept this and remain part
of our society.

Minutes of AGM 2017.​  These had been previously circulated to
members. Pat Tanner proposed we accepted and Gerry Farquar seconded.

Arising:  None.​

Chairman’s Report: ​John
reported that the transition to weekly meetings had gone well and expressed
thanks to Sheila Shrubb who had been co-opted onto the committee during the

It had been a busy year for
workshops and demos with a total of 8 and thanked Lorraine and Barbara for organising
these events.  He also expressed his
thanks to the committee all of which were happy to stand for re-election.  He also thanked all members for helping with
events over the past year and non-members Brian Bishop and Mike Farley for
their help with various aspects of the exhibition. 

Report:  ​John Rix explained
that while we looked quite a bit healthier financially than at last AGM,
because we were meeting earlier in the month there was still rent to be
deducted.  Some of the funds were also
payments towards future workshop. 
However he felt the £10 extra on the funds had worked out about right
and also reported we sold more pictures at the summer exhibition than last
year.  Whilst fees for demonstrators were
rising he did feel that subscription this year should remain at £40.

Exhibition Report:  ​This item was discussed later in the
meeting to give Freddie further time to arrive. 
Freddie had previously circulated a comprehensive exhibition report. In
her absence we looked at some points she had put forward for consideration for
next year’s exhibition. One suggestion was that pictures £30 and under should
all be displayed together.  This
suggestion was rejected by members. There was also the question of whether commission
should be paid at full original price of picture if the picture was reduced.  It was felt that no negotiation on price
should be done as it put stewards in a difficult position.   However the suggestions that commission
should be payable from date titles and prices submitted will be discussed
further by committee and a proposal put forward.

Outside Painting Report:  ​John
said that next year more coordination needed with exhibition arrangements so
July dates will be reduced.  John
reported that the day at Treddington with Kate Smith, who opened our exhibition
went well and we were made very welcome by the Grimshaws. It was a good day at
Golf club with great views of surrounding area. 
We had good weather at Lorraine’s this year with excellent hospitality
and cakes!. The day at Dumbleton and trip to Weston were also a success and
very hot weather was enjoyed at Buckland. 
John asked for suggestions for next year’s venues.  

Election of Committee:  ​Last year we had a number of co-opted
members for the summer exhibition.  This
year Meg and Ian will organise the Christmas exhibition which is 5th and 6th
December at Town Hall.

All the following are willing to
continue to serve on the committee. Chairman - John Griffin

Vice Chair:  Janet Green

Secretary: Chris Oliver

Treasurer: John Rix

Asst Treasurer and Asst
Secretary:  Helen Keylock.


Programme coordinators:  Lorraine Hemming and Barbara Coles.  Barbara and Lorraine keep records and
payments of members booking workshops. Lorraine is instrumental in contacting and
booking artist ad Barbara responsible for Hall management.


Exhibition Organiser:  Freddie Bryant

Printing Secretary: 
Betty Ellis

Webmaster: Steve Tandy.

Ros Farley to join committee for

Pat Tanner proposed acceptance of
above and Penny Dron seconded.

Pauline Masters will undertake
the role of Facebook administrator. 

Arrangements for table at
Methodist Hall display was discussed with Meg organising the table with
sketchbook and plein air contributions.

Exhibition frames:  Sean will investigate whether weight of
existing frames can be reduced in some way.

Honorary Members:  Will have same status as other members but
will not pay subscription.  However the
title and benefits of honorary members needs clarifying and item 13 of our
constitution will need amending. It refers to Associate members which replaced
Honorary members.  Benefits were limited
to receiving Newsletter (no longer exists) and other communications but not
allowed to exhibit or attend meetings other than as visitors.  As changes can only be made by voting at AGM
a clearer description can be formulated by committee and voted at next AGM.

Penny pointed out that our
current Honorary/Associate members will have to be notified of changes in due
Meeting closed at 11.15

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